copy filtered data

  1. N

    VBA Filter copy table with no data - copy whole table

    Hello, I'm not the best at this yet so please don't judge my code below... I am having a problem in the code where I highlighted it blue. I know there are some options like using an IF statement but I can never get those to work. We have 13 tabs for the 13 weeks in the quarter. As you can see...
  2. Lingots d or

    Copy data from a filtered selection to the first empty rows on another sheet

    Hi all, This one may be easy for you, but I've only been doing macros for about a week now and need help on it. (I managed to automatize a bit of my work already with minimal knowledge and I'm very enthusiast about the power of VBA and want to do more). This particular thread is for these...
  3. I

    Copying Autofiltered Results in VBA

    hi, I am using an autofilter to trim some results according to a specific criteria, i want to then copy this data to a sheet called "funds". then want to repeat this with the next criteria. I have the filter working fine. I just cannot seem to get this copying across to this new sheet...
  4. A

    Table Range and Dynamic Range

    I have a table A:AE with expanding data. I want to filter this data and select only 3 of the columns to copy, L-U-Y. After I filter I then set the range to copy I can't seem to set that range to always match the current Table range. I have searched this forum and others. I am either not...

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