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    Copy information from range of cells in a series of named sheet to another workbook with the same named sheets

    Hi All, So a bit of vba help please and thanks! I'm looking for a macro that will copy and paste the values in a range of cell from the sheets of one workbook to the sheets of another master workbook. I want a macro that will let me select which second workbook to copy from, and then copy the...
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    Range loop copy and paste vba macro problem

    I search everywhere but unfortunately i cant find the solution. So what i have is range "K4:M408". wht i m doing is looping but i want to change range. i will start from Range(K4:M7) and then (K8:M11) and then (K12:K15). please help me how can i do it Sheets("Sheet1").Select...
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    Copy, Paste, Calculate loop

    Hello all. First post here --- Hope you can help. :) - I have a model with 100 scenarios, each scenario is 3 consecutive cells (variables) in a row. Total area for the scenarios is thus: [Sheet 1, A1:C100] - The first scenario [Sheet 1, A1:C1] needs to be copied, and pasted into [Sheet 2...
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    Conditional Formatting Scuppers Macro

    I have the following Macro (below) copies red cells and pastes special however when the cells are red by conditional formatting it doesn't work, is there a way around this? Are all conditional formatting not picked up by the cell properties? My Code is Sub colourtest() Dim Cell As Range For...

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