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    Make a list from selected rows skipping non selected rows

    I have spread sheet that contains a list of all the shipping documents that we have. I need to make another spread sheet that will copy selected rows only skipping the ones that are not selected. For example I have this: - A B C D E F...
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    Help with look up and row paste

    Hi, Basically, I am creating some data and I am a bit stuck. I would like to say: If any cells in column c have the word "Giant" in it (there will be a sentance in each cell but I would like it to pick out the specific word) - Then please paste the whole line into sheet 2. Is this...
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    Search for name in another workbook, copy row and paste to this workbook

    Hi there, I'm quite new to vb and I'm trying towrite a code to import data from another workbook. More precisely, I want my code to do the following: -Find the name I want in workbook1 -Copy entire row - Paste entire row in workbook2 What I've written so far is the following but I get...
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    Copy certain Rows dependent on cell values.

    I have a sheet with clients listed with their address's and account information. Each client has 1 entry per account type, ie if client A has 2 accounts, then his name and contact details appears on two rows (the difference between the two rows are the account details.). What I need is to have...

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