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    Create Multiple workbooks, with multiple workshhets, containing a template

    Need help to solve a tricky situation: I have an workbook with two sheets: "sheet1" containing on column A the working days of a year and on column B the months of a year and sheet "Template", which contains a template (with formulas in it). (1)By clicking a button I want to (2) create 12...
  2. D

    Macro to copy template, named based on cell value in order & allowing data to be added to original list

    Hi there, I'm a complete newbie at VBA, only looked at my first code this week! After searching many forums (thanks for your help everyone!) I have modified code to work somewhat. My macro currently copies a template and renames it based on data on my "estimate" sheet, what I need help with...
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    Sequentially Number copies of template worksheet

    Hello, I am using the following code to create multiple copies of a template, based on the "number of copies required" which is determined by a formula in cell D10 on the "Staffing Plan" worksheet. If D10 = 5, then it will make 5 copies. It then renames the worksheets to give me: Report 1 of...
  4. S

    Create Excel file from a Excel Template programmatically

    Hi, I have an Excel template and trying to create a copy of the Excel template programmatically. I would really appreciate if somebody can give some tips to how to get it done. Thanks, Antony

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