copy worksheets

  1. A

    Split workbook based on criterion+keeping sheets from original workbook

    Hi all, I am a true newbie on VBA and I would very much appreciate help on the below issue: I have an initial workbook “Tehnicieni” with 3 sheets as follows: SheetA – containing formulas and charts based on the table from SheetC; SheetB – containing formulas and charts based on the table...
  2. J

    Worksheets copied into new workbook - Cell Color/Fill Changes - Unintentional - Preserve Cell Color/Fill

    Hello, I am using the following code (which works great) to export the sheets named "Labor BOE xxxx" after my spreadsheet creates multiple copies of a template worksheet, inserts summary tables, and populates the summary tables. The one issue that I haven't been able to figure out is... after...
  3. J

    Copy specific worksheets to new workbook (as values). Save as

    Hello, I am attempting to do the following: Copy all worksheets whose name ends in "-PP" into a new workbook (formats, values - NO formulas) Open a pop-up box in the new workbook that asks the user to enter the version number Open the save as window and save the file to the user's desktop as...
  4. Y

    Macro for - Selecting & copying multiple tabsheets to a new excel workbook

    Hello I need a code for selecting and copying specific multiple worksheets. For example if a workbook has 10 worksheets, I need to select 5 of them based on their name and copy the complete worksheets to a new workbook. Can anyone help plz?
  5. J

    Copy Hidden Template - Results in Error

    Hi - I have a code (shown below) that is creating multiple copies of a template worksheet and number sequentially. The problem is that I would like to have the template worksheets hidden, but when I do this I get a Run Time Error 1004: Method Select of Object_Worksheet failed. If not hidden, it...
  6. J

    Macro to make report more useful

    I'm working on a macro to make an exported report more useful. My intentions are to: Delete unnecessary columns make 30 new worksheets based on the names of "teams" and copy the data from the first sheet to those Now each worksheet has extra rows, delete the extra rows based on the value in the...
  7. K

    Copy worksheet from one workbook to another with VBA

    I have 2 workbooks "Template" and "Target". The macro will run from Target & should open "Template," copy sheet "MasterList" and paste it before the "Change Tracking" sheet in the "Target" workbook. It's important to note that the name of the Target workbook will vary by project. So I can't...
  8. E

    Using a hot key to activate a macro

    Hi there!! I've built a macro to open a file and copy one of its worksheets into a different file (both files are in Excel 97-2003 format). The macro works great when I manually select the macro from the macros dialog box and click "Run." However, I tried to assign the macro to a hotkey. Now...
  9. J

    Copy workbook multiple times

    I need to create mutliple workbooks that contains multiple tabs from one original workbook. There is one sheet that should be parsed by Name, the other sheets should be the same in each copy of the original workbook. So far, I have created a macro that creates workbooks by parsing the first...
  10. T

    Copy entire worksheet from another workbook's worksheet without range names too.

    I want to manually (or with VBA) copy the all of a worksheet's cell values between workbooks. The source & destination worksheets would have the same name. I tried use the "Move or Copy" option on the right-click pop-up menu. But this moves all of the source workbook range names to the...
  11. T

    copy to new workbook

    I'm trying to copy some data to a new workbook all on one worksheet from multiple sheets in another workbook. My code keeps breaking at the point where it makes a new workbook (.SaveAs Filename). It gives runtime error 1004. I'm not sure I have the copy values set correctly either but can't test...
  12. K

    Copy Worksheet into Active Workbook

    I have a macro that prompts the user to select several workbooks and it consolidates some data from each selected workbook into a master file (the one which the macro is run from). It copies a specific range of data from the ExportData worksheet of each of the selected workbooks. The code...
  13. C

    Copying sheets from multiple workbooks into a master workbook

    HI Guys i'm hoping one of you will be able to help me with the macro i'm trying to create as I have no idea what I am doing! I have multiple workbooks all contained in one folder which all have a sheet titled "Summary". I have another workbook which I would like to pull all the "summary"...
  14. B

    Copy Sheets While Automatically Changing Formulae

    Hi, I've a workbook containing 2 worksheets called Data_Input and Estimate_1 respectively. I've spent quite a bit of time formatting and setting up all the relations between the two worksheets and now I want to create a third worksheet called Estimate_2. Estimate_2 will be identical to...

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