1. D

    where is properties window vba?

    hi, i cant find it? i pressed f4 and it's not showing. also, before it disappeared, it was "free flowing" and not locked as it usually is at the bottom left corner? how do i lock it? (first i need for it to show up, my first issue)
  2. S

    Small triangle in random cells at top left hand corner of cells

    A friend of mine is doing simple sums of cells, but in certain cells in that range a small triangle appears in the top left hand corner of that cell. Whatever you input in those cells do not add up in the results cell. Their is some form of strange formatting happening here, Any ideas ?
  3. M

    Shared Workbook on one user not saving

    we are using a shared workbook and one of the users has the autosave button in the top left corner. I don't have that and i am able to save mine. But she can't and isn't getting updates.
  4. G

    Using IFS function/ always show green triangle on the upper left corner

    I was using IFS function to calculate the grades although the formula and result is correct it always show green triangle on the upper left corner of the cell. why so?
  5. P

    Taking an excel userform textbox values and applying them to a label printed in Microsoft Word

    My company used to use printed sheets of paper with the product information which was then tape to the pallet of finished goods all this was done with an excel userform. Now they have gone to adhesive labels printed from Microsoft Word. Since I am not familiar with VBA within Microsoft Word, I...
  6. N

    How to Position A Userform At A Certain Point

    Facing problem with positioning User Form on screen as it goes to the left top Corner. I want it in center or as per my coordinates?
  7. S

    PowerPoint - Animations - Shrink image to corner

    Hi I need to have an full screen image shrink to around 25% of its original size and appear in the bottom right corner. The shrink/zoom animation only seems to be able to put this centrally, which, unfortunately, is no use!
  8. R

    Finding if a set of coordinates is in a particular area

    Is it possible to use excel to find if a particular set of coordinates falls within an area (composed of coordinates, like a fence)? In the example below, I have coordinates for all four corners of a made-up home, gym, and work site. I am trying to see if Excel is capable of recognizing what...
  9. U

    Align button to Top Right corner of cell

    I want to align an active x button to the top right corner of cell A1 but not getting it I can align it to the top let corner with the code below Is this possible? Thanks Sub btnReposition() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim Rng As Range Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Original_<wbr>Data")...
  10. E

    Set display-positiom of MsgBox() function

    Hello Board, Is there a way to set where the MsgBox() function displays on the screen? The Board has helped me previously with an elaborate use of Text boxes but I'm just looking to call MsgBox(), with its Yes/No/Cancel/etc. options and place that question-box in a corner that won't...
  11. K

    How to add profile pic in the top right corner of Excel (/Office)

    Hi fellow Excel-friends, I've seen someone with a tiny profile picture in the top right corner of their Excel application. I'd like that too. I've added my profile picture in 'My account' in but it's not showing in my Office applications. I've done some searches but the...
  12. R

    Adjusting a form Size

    Hi Forum Hope all is well. I would like some advice on how to resize a UserForm. Is it possible to add the "drag" feature to the bottom right hand corner that makes the form larger or smaller? or is it possible to put the "full screen" square on the top right hand corner? I have searched...
  13. E

    VBA - create a shape always in top left corner of worksheet

    Hey guys, I got a tricky problem - well probably not for you, but for me ;) I have a standard presentation design with standardized table size and graphes. In order to check whether my Excel tables and graphs have the exact size for the presentation (so I dont need to resize/shrink them) I...
  14. L

    Pareto Chart - Need Help on Starting Point...

    Problem: I want my cumulative line in the pareto charts that I create to start in the lower left corner and continue to the upper right. Background: I frequently make pareto charts for evaluation of our products that have problems. When I create a pareto chart manually in Excel 2007, the...

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