corrupted data

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    data corruption in recovered files

    Hello all, I have a Macbook Pro that is 3 years old. A few months ago, the computer basically died (it stopped booting up because the startup disk was presumably corrupted). In the process of recovering the files from the damaged hard drive, my work's IT department recovered several Excel...
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    Can't retrieve data in CSV format

    Hello, I'm having a problem saving my data in CSV files. I have barcodes that need to be imported into a windows system for a library. However when I save my file in CSV format, all the columns display 3E+11. I've tried to change the column format to "numbers", but it still doesn't do...
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    Can't get rid of corruption?

    I have a file that I have been fixing up with lots of Names so the formulas are easier to read. There are 12 sheets (sept-aug) and a summary sheet. Each month sheet has a table. I close the doc and when I opened it I got an "unreadable content" error. I let if fix things and it opens the doc...
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    MS Custom UI Editor - "File contains corrupted data"

    VBA is messing with my head so I decided to customize the ribbon. Problem is I cant open my xlsm file in the Microsoft Custom UI Editor, it says "File contains corrupted data" How can I fix this? Im thinking of copying all the sheets, Modules & User Forms BUT is there a chance I will be...

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