count filled cells

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    Counting specific words in a sibgle cell

    Greetings all you Masters of Excel What I need to do is count the number of occurrences there are of a given word in a single cell (Excel2007) example cell contents = pig pig cow sheep pig horse how many 'pig' answer 3 be fab to have a percentage as well e.g 50% of words Whose got the magic...
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    counta formula

    I have to count the number of entries in a given range of cells. e.g. cell a1 to a50 (excluding the blanks). The first cell ref i.e. a1 would remain the same and the rest should progress one by one i..e. counta(a1:a1), counta (a1:a2), counta(a1:a3) and so on. I manually entered upto 5 to 6...

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