count meets two criteria

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    Countif using multiple criteria

    Hi I am trying to use a countif based against using the following criteria where the value of column falls between the bands and then how many people fall within that Band Band 1 0-4999.99 Band 2 5000-9999.99 etc and then to find out how many times the numbers 40 42 61 65 within the 2000...
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    countif problem

    I have data where by the date range i want it to count up all the times between 2 min and 5 min so i have the following formula: COUNT(IF(SACRN!$E:$E>=DATE(109,6,15),IF(SACRN!$I:$I,{">=0.00138888888",">=0.00347222222"})*{1,-1})) But i only end up with value of 1. Can someone please let me know...
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    formula to count number of type per person

    Here is an example of my report: I need to be able to formulate to count how many types (400mgs, data8mf, data8mg, etc) go to each rep (caitlin wolf, little bo-tique, amee lundberg, etc). Can you help me formulate? <TABLE style="WIDTH: 581pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0...

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