count rows

  1. S

    Count rows sequentially, where it recounts again when a undesired input was given.

    Does anybody know how to make excel count rows sequentially. Where if there is a different text, it will stop counting to that number until a desired text is given? like for example at A2 to F2, has two possible letters to be inputted. First excel counted 2 As from A2 to B2, however it stopped...
  2. B

    Add data validation list to cell in column A if data in column B

    Hi. I have a sheet titled "Combined" with data beginning in column B. I've been trying to come up with a macro that would add a validation list to cell A2 and then copy it down only to those rows that have data in column B. I can't get it to copy down, unfortunately. Below is the little code...
  3. A

    Count of rows after MAX value before recovery, help please.

    Hello everyone - I could certainly use some help, please… Col CS is a running total of sums. (But not every row contains a sum.) Col CT, (helper column) I have: =MAX(CS2,CT1) Col CU has: =IFERROR(IF(CS2=CT2,0,MAX(CU1,CT2-CS2)),"") to help find the drawdown of theses sums, until a new...
  4. D

    Excel Formula to Count Rows Based on First and Last Occurrence of a Specific Text within a Series of Strings.

    I am trying to write a formula that will count the number of rows between the first appearance of a specific text within a string, and the last appearance of that same text. For example, if Column A contains the following values... Email sent 12/15/2017. Email sent 12/15/2017. Sold in 2017...
  5. G

    How can I count # of rows that match a criteria in multiple cells within the same row?

    Hello, I've been trying to figure this out on my own and had no luck. What I'm trying to do is sum up # of rows that match across three parameters - Course, Unit, and Activity #s. I have two sheets with this information: Sheet 1: Sections <tbody> Document No. Course Course Name Unit Unit Name...
  6. J

    Loop Counting - Stop and Start based on a blank row

    I would like to loop count different sets of data. They are separated by a blank. Here is the VBA i have for counting but I want to make it loop for each data set. Sub RowCount() Dim countnonblank As Integer, myRange As Range Set myRange = Columns("A:A") countnonblank =...
  7. J

    Count the rows of Variable Tables Multiple times - Separated by a space

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with multiple variable tables. I would like to get a count of rows for each table. The tables are separated by a blank row. Is there a way I can do this using VBA? The pattern could look something like this. 4 rows of data blank row 3 rows of data blank row 7 rows...
  8. E

    Divide and export the data according to these instructions

    Hi MrExcel Community, my name is Dominika and I'm looking for a VBA code help. I need to automate some of my Excel work for the sake of completing my dissertation on time, but I'm new to VBA. I have data that have following columns: year quarter code number1 number2 The data are properly sorted...
  9. A

    Count Rows

    Hi, I am looking for a formula or VBA that count only the rows containing the word Yes. In this example the result should be 3 (row 1,3,4) A B C <colgroup><col width="70" span="3" style="width:52pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Yes No 1 No No...
  10. S

    Counting Non Empty ROWS based off of multiple criteria

    I would like to count the non empty rows that meet specific criteria. I have a very simplified version of my data in the table below (my table is much larger and is confined to excel). I can count the non empty cells that meet multiple criteria by using a sumproduct formula...
  11. E

    Counting Rows and Columns in Folder

    Hello Folks, I want to create a macro that will allow me to select a folder and then open each .xlsx file and count the number of rows and columns in each spreadsheet. (for now i want to assume there is no tabs) Then i want to display the name of the .xlsx file in column A and display their...
  12. N

    Count rows, divide by three, copy 1/3 to to each column

    I have spreadsheets that are created on the fly that can have 1 to hundreds of rows. There is always only just one column. I need to create 3 columns in the active spreadsheet from these results using VBA. So I need to count the number of rows, divide this number by 3, and put the second third...
  13. M

    Count rows and insert formula using row counts in VBA

    Hello All, I have a spreadsheet with data about what information in a database has been reviewed or not (data is reviewed on a “page” by “page” basis, per subject).</SPAN> The data looks something like this:</SPAN> <TBODY> SITE #</SPAN> SUBJECT #</SPAN> VISIT NAME</SPAN> VISIT DATE</SPAN>...
  14. H

    Formula to offset based on a change

    Hi, I'm looking for a formula that will take the cells used as a heading and place them cell into columns with the corresponding rows under the heading. I'm thinking that the formula will have an offset that counts the blank cells in column A then place the text from the heading cells (by...
  15. A

    VBA Use Row Count to Copy and Insert same number of rows

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help – I have 2 separate spreadsheets within the same workbook. Sheet1 contains several rows of basic data. Sheets2 contains a single row of formulas which calculates based on the first row of data in Sheet1. Using VB I would like to count the number of populated data...
  16. H

    elp with counting the number of rows matching 2 criteria please

    Okay so I have the following information below and I want to count the number of Green, Blue, Amber and Red scores that each risk ref has. But I don’t want to use a pivot table since it has to be automatically updated every time the source data is changed. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  17. amitcohen

    Macro to count rows in files that seats in another folder

    Hi All I have a folder 'ClientsData' that contains over 200 files. Each file have an average of 21 rows of data. (some more..some less..) The data seats in column A only. I have (separate) an Excel file that contains the list of all the files that in 'ClientsData' folder. The file names are...

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