count text

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    Count Unique Text of a column based on Duplicates in another column

    Hello, I am trying to count unique text in a column based on duplicates in another column. For example, I have this <tbody> A person x 2 A person y 2 B person x 1 B person x 1 </tbody> So in the above table column one shows the duplicates . I am counting the Unique texts in column 2...
  2. B

    Excel formula suitable for this project

    <tbody> NAMES ID DAYS TYPE REPORT 1 REPORT 2 Abu 085292 2 Cuti Sakit Panel ABU (PANEL-2, SWASTA-4, TOTAL-5) 6 Abu 085292 1 Cuti Sakit Swasta Abu 085292 1 Cuti Sakit Swasta Abu 085292 1 Cuti Sakit Swasta Abu 085292 1 Cuti Sakit Swasta Ali 125027 1 Cuti Sakit Panel ALI (PANEL-1) 1...
  3. J

    Count cells with more than 4 words in the cell

    Looking for a way to count all the cells in Column A of my spreadsheet that have more than 4 words in the cell. The cell text is variable. Is this possible with VBA?
  4. R

    Count text in Column B based on criteria in Column A?

    I have attempted to research this issue on Google but I can't seem to word the issue properly and therefore unable to find an answer - even in this forum. THE SETUP: I have a list of places in Column A. Each place may appear multiple times depending on Column B. Column B contains text titles...
  5. N

    Count cells with text

    If have a formula in cells F1:F5 that is =IF(ISNUMBER(B1),A1,""). Saying that if B1 is a number than copy the name in cell A1 into cell F1. Now, where my problem lies is that I am trying to get another formula that counts only the cells with text in them and not the cells with formulas returning...
  6. C

    count text

    hey guys, range: B3:B17 contents of B3: "Johnson, Chris RB TEN" I'm looking for a formula to count the number of times RB shows up in the specified range.

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