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    Count unique dates based on criteria from another column.

    I have two sheets, one named, "DATA" and another named, "STATS". I need to enter a formula in a cell in the "STATS" sheet that will count the number of unique dates in column G from the "DATA" sheet but ONLY IF column F contains the text, "JC". <tbody> F G JC 22/10/2017 JC 22/10/2017 AF...
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    COUNT UNIQUE MONTHS in multiple date ranges

    I have been struggling with this for HOURS - I'm hoping the geniuses here can help. In one worksheet I have a chart that looks like this: Each row is unique and can have anywhere from one set of start-end dates, to six (as seen in the columns) I need to COUNT the unique months seen in the...
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    Counting unique text values across a range

    This one has stumped me and can't find a solution on existing threads. I am trying to count the unique names (text) across a range of cells. Specifically, I have a scheduling table of Rooms (20 rooms) vs. Days (365 days). Whenever someone reserves a room, I put his/her name in the corresponding...

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