1. D

    INDEX / MATCH based on first 3 OR 4 characters

    I have a column in a table (called TabPostcodes) with full postcodes and iv'e added a second column where I want to populate with the relevant county based on a separate tables on a different worksheet based on partial postcodes. e.g. I have several postcodes that are in the same county - CH1...
  2. S

    Need help with a worksheet please

    I have a "Master Inventory Worksheet" that I need to subcategorize into route planners by county. I need the sub worksheet to lookup a cell in the master and if that cell has the correct county, I need the line data, which is in cell format, to populate into the sub worksheet. So, If the "King...
  3. P

    form from/to areas of single lines works very slow

    Hello, actually I just wanted to find out how to create intervals from a list of single values with Power Query. For example, a sales representative can easily see which postal code areas he is responsible for. As an exercise object I found a list containing the postal codes of counties...
  4. T

    Transpose Multi-Criteria

    Brand new member. Currently working on a GIS project and trying to format County Precipitation Data for a 30-year period. I need to transpose the TOTAL_PRECIP values into columns 1980-2010 for each FIPSID (county). They are currently arranged in 30-year (1980-2010) rows for each FIPSID. See...
  5. C

    Formatting Difficulties: Recommended approach, formula, VBA, etc.?

    Hi forum, any help on this, including approaches I haven't considered, would be helpful. I scrape several websites to get raw data on foreclosure sales. One such website has changed their formatting and royally hampered my data gathering efforts. My starting sheet contains these data points...
  6. M

    Batch find and replace

    I am wondering how to create a macro that could batch find and replace based upon cell values in column A1-A10 - Sheet1. Then save each worksheet (except Sheet1) out as a text file. Within the workbook, I have Sheet1 which has the values For Example A1 = County 1 A2 = County 2 A3 = County 3...
  7. D

    Can you get the county for latitude and longitude with a macro

    I have Latitude in cell I3 and Longitude in cell J3 in decimal degrees like this 34.40561111 -83.21211111 is there a way to get the county from the coordinates and put it in cell K3? In this case it would be Franklin. This will be for coordinates in the US only if that makes any difference and...
  8. M

    Sort addresses by county

    I have a list of addresses in Excel that include the county of each person. I would like to do a mailing for two of the counties only. How do I separate these addresses out?
  9. D

    Calculate total sales tax per county across different rows and columns

    I have a spreadsheet with sales tax collection data for 2018's Q4. It includes which county specifically each order's sales tax was collected for. See below: I need to calculate the total sales tax collected per county in orders shipped to California in column M. To accomplish that, I’d need...
  10. D

    Sum all values if zip code matches county (3 different tables)

    Hello everyone, My name is David and I've been following the forum for a while. I've learned a lot but never got to write a post, so here I go! I'm trying to calculate the California Sales Tax that I have to remit to the state by county (aargh!), and have 3 tables: 1. Zip code and tax...
  11. D

    Search in multiple sheets

    Hello, I have this code which works perfectly if active sheet has needed search value, otherwise it's an error. How to adapt this so it searches thru more sheets instead. Thanks The code is in plan report workbook, looking a value from weekly plan workbook and searches withing plan report...
  12. D

    Combine complex arrays

    I am combining data in several columns into one single column using this formula: =OFFSET($F$2:$F$509,MOD(ROW()-ROW(ColumnData1),ROWS($F$2:$F$509)),TRUNC((ROW()-ROW(ColumnData1))/ROWS($F$2:$F$509),0),1,1) Then I'm using this formula to ignore blank and zero cells, round the number and only look...
  13. S

    Making multiple Pie Charts, one per line of data

    I have a large amount of data that I'm going to need to put into pie charts with only a day or two of turnaround, so I'd like to figure out a way to automate it. I have data like this, with organizations and the number of actions they did in each county. <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col...
  14. L


    Hi all, I am looking to do a mail shot from a publication but need some assistance in sorting the data from a pdf. The data comes in the following format: OK1234567 R The food company Ltd Director(s) Mr Joe Blogs, Mrs Joe Blogs Unt A, Some Road, Some town, Some county, Some post code...
  15. M

    Formula calculating a projected Charge

    Its a difficult one to explain but I have spent hours trying to work this out and I have literally hit a brick wall. Not sure how to upload the spreadsheet to make it easier to explain so apologies. I have inherited this and I just dont know how to work this out and I know what I want to work...
  16. T

    If AND Index Match? formulas

    Hi All I am trying to figure an easy way to determine if a date that the user enters falls within a specific date range. There are 2 criteria that must be met. The final result would be an indicator or simple Yes or No. User Enters in information in Worksheet 1. 1. Program Name 2. County 3...
  17. K

    Seemingly simple dynamic drop down list question

    Hi all, Hopefully there is a simple way of doing this, as I feel embarrassed that I have failed to this point. A simple example would be a table with three columns - State, County, and City with 500 records (500 unique cities, 100 counties and 50 states) I need thee drop downs, each based on...
  18. S

    how to do a filled map of U.S county with population

    I have a set of data for the state of Texas. Column A has unique zipcodes, column B has counties (not unique since multiple zipcodes fall into each county), and column C with a population metric (there are duplicates since data is county population). I want to build a map that fills the...
  19. J

    Beginner Help

    So I am have quite a task, I have a spreadsheet with a bunch of accounts, and they have the county, account name, address etc.... I want to bring them into separate tabs based on the county. I have a tab already for each county, just trying to figure out how I can bring them from the master...

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