create folder

  1. R

    Create Folder based on cell value

    Hello Everyone I made below code to create multiple folder based on cell value but i want that path should also picked from the cell. I have folder path in F4. so instead of folder path i want to add F4 in code. please help Sub AFolderVBA2() 'Excel VBA to make a folder. Dim i As Integer...
  2. R

    Create Folder based on Excel Range

    Hello Everyone, I have one excel. in A1 i have a folder path and in B1 i have one name called Sample and C1 i have name called example I want when i click on button folder name in B1 and C1 should be created in A1 path. and move all sample prefix excel file to sample folder and example...
  3. R

    Create Folder in Path mentioned in Cell

    Hello Everyone I have a code to make new folder in path which is working as well. Sub Button1_Click() MkDir ("\\ABC\ragga\Desktop\Testing\Consolidated File") End Sub but i want that, path should be pick from the cell. Consolidated file would be folder name i want this...
  4. K

    vba Create Folder on SharePoint

    Hello, I have a macro that needs to create a folder on SharePoint, then generate and save multiple files under that folder. I've done a lot of work to get the code right for creating the folder, but with no success. I've read that you need to drop the http: from the front of the folder...
  5. Kiss the Krogan

    VBA: Create Folder and Add Documents According to Excel Unique ID

    Hi Everyone, I've done some searching but am not getting anywhere with my requirements. I am hoping someone can help. I have a Power Query which identifies new members. These members need cards printed and there are two files the printer needs: the new member photo and the new member...
  6. T

    Create Folder & Save As VBA

    Hi All, I have the following macro which works fine, however I would like to expand on it if possible. I would like the macro to create a file with the date if possible, where the file is then saved. Potential issue is that I may be running the macro multiple times in a day so I imagine it...
  7. R

    create folder datewise and copy file in it.

    Hello, Please suggest, where I am wrong. Sub folder() Dim sFolderName As String, set_Path As String, name As String, datpath As String Dim FromPath As String Dim FSO As Object Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") FromPath =...
  8. A

    Copy Files in Source Path based on Cell Values, then Paste them in Destination Path

    Dear Mr. Excel, After days of searching for answers to no avail, I thought I'd reach out to you. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I am trying to accomplish the following: I have a column (from Cell C54 to C105) that displays the file names (they are results of formulas). Some of them...
  9. FalconBLUE

    Backup Macro Codes...

    Hi everyone, I want to backup my workbook with below codes. First of all, codes are checking backup folder whether or not. If not the folder, being created in C:\ and then being identified. Finally, this code must saveAs active workbook. But not. Where I am making mistake I don't know. Could...
  10. T

    How to Create a Folder in VBA

    Hi! This is my first post here, so bare with me. I've done some incredibly extensive research and can't quite find what I need. I'm quite a novice when it comes to VBA and have been attempting to stumble my way through creating what I'd like to create. Either way, here goes. I have a large...
  11. S

    Create folders and save Workbook

    How can i make this code save new folder to "\\fileserver\Users\Public\Documents\Main Customer\New Folder Name" and create 3 subfolders "Images","Work Orders","Lead Info" Public Sub SaveOnDesktop()Dim strPath As String, strFile As String 'Build Path strPath = Environ$("HOMEPATH") &...
  12. S

    Save Current workbook in new folder

    Hey Folks, I have been searching relentlesly for a simple code to save open active workbook as value in cell a1 in a new folder named as value in cell a1 on desktop of whomever is using workbook. P.S. Thanks for all the great tips from everyone out there

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