create workbook

  1. C

    Split Excel Worksheet to diffrent workbook

    HI All, I have a macro that splits the excel worksheets into different workbook, just wanted to check is there any way that we can create the separate workbook based on sheet name mentioned in master work sheet. example I have a workbook with more than 30 sheets and the first sheet is the...
  2. D

    VBA Creating Named Tables in multiple sheets in new workbook

    Hi, i have some code that a) filters data from the table in one sheet into a group of new sheets named by the filter value b) creates a new workbook from these sheets The script does the above. The additional code has no effect that i can see. It doesnt stop it working, it just doesnt do...
  3. H

    Excel autofilter incremental

    Hi, I hope you can help me to solve an issue with this code, I´m using the following code to export the filtered data to a new workbook . ie. filter information added on sep 15 2018 and create the document then i have to select sep 16 and execute macro to export the info for that day and so...
  4. T

    copy from a workbook to 4 workboos that i need to create

    I want to open a file and then interogate it to see if it contains data i need. If i find it I want to create a file to export the data there. I have 4 workbooks that i need to create. The source workbook has one sheet, and the portalworkbooks also. The source worksheet has a lot of line and...
  5. W

    Create Multiple Workbooks with Data from Single Workbook

    I have a TEMPLATE workbook that has 106 cells (all in the same worksheet) that need to have data input in them. I have a separate DATA workbook with 3,000 rows of data, each row has 106 columns that correspond to the cells in the TEMPLATE workbook. I need to create 3,000 new workbooks that are...
  6. P

    From an Excel spreadsheet, using ActiveX command button to create a new workbook with data from current workbook.

    I have created a pricing estimator in Excel. I want to be able to click on an ActiveX command button to generate a new Workbook and name it the client's name in Cell F3. On the same worksheet as the ActiveX command button, I have an estimate. Column A = Quantity Column B = Item Column C =...
  7. melewie

    Create new workbook problem

    Morning all, I am trying to create a new workbook but I dont want to save it so the workbook name will be book 'x'. What I need to do is refrence the new workbook something like Dim NewWB as workbook workbooks.add new workbook = NewWB Any help would be great.

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