1. A

    Average to Grand Total column in Pivot Table

    [/URL][/IMG] May be anyone could help to find some creative way how to add average column just for total?
  2. C

    Sort data from one table into two automatically - No VBA

    Hi, I've looked thoroughly throughout forums and tutorials for a possible solution to the following situation, but to no avail. It may have to do with the wording I use in my search, as it's difficult to know how to ask this, but I'm just stumped. I have a list of data, 50-200 rows a week, that...
  3. T

    need SUBSTITUTE help

    So it has been a little side project of mine to make a spreadsheet with a "secret-decoder" approach. Essentially what needs to happen is a substitution, or letter swap, to encrypt a message. For example; letter "A"or"a" equals another letter from the alphabet such as "K"or"k". Any ideas...

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