cross referance

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    Return cell value based of row Named Range and Column Named Range

    Hi All I want to return the cross reference of 2 named ranges. There is a sheet called Front Page where i want to return the result and the information is on a sheet called Commission Row named range = Partner Column named range = Finance Both of the named ranges will be referenced in as...
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    cross reference between 2 sheets in same workbook

    I work with audit rules that are being populated from a financial database (Concur) into an excel sheet. There are different rules being applied to different organizations. I need to compare the overall data in sheet2 that has the names of the codes for the organization that are auto populated...
  3. J

    Using an if(match statement?

    Hey guys, what I'm trying to do is the following: I want to make sure that if A1 matches any value within this range B1:B1826 (on a different sheet) then return the column C in that row. For example, if A1=B453 return C453 Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you :)
  4. A

    Timeseries column cross-reference and matching?

    Hello all, I’m a new noob to the forum, would appreciate if anybody could provide some help. I have 5 sets of columns, each includes a Time column and a Price column. However, the 5 individual Time columns of the 5 sets don’t match, i.e, the dates are not continuous (there are...
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    Cross referance chart formula help

    Hello Experts, I have been working on theis cross referance formula for a while. I now need some help. I may be close but not close enough. This chart is used for a HVAC application. 51 is wet bulb temp, 71 is dry bulb temp, the cross referance would be 21.3. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 147pt...

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