1. R

    Prioritising nested IF statements

    I have many items which need to be classified according to either their status, range or description, depending on what each one is. The status, range and description of each of my products appear in different columns. If the product has a "Bargain" status then it should be classified as...
  2. J

    Formula for minutes early and late before and after midnight.

    Hi, I have been working on a spreadsheet which displays the minutes a vehicle if early or late on site. My problem however is that some of the arrivals happen after midnight (00:00); and the formulas i have been using work for wither before or after, not both. <tbody> Scheduled On Site On...
  3. B

    Curve Trend analysis

    HI, I am trying to create a formula or a way to evaluate two curves, say curve1 and curve 2. These two curves are on different scales. They tend to follow each other. However they "cross over" each other at certain intervals. Question: Is there a way(formula) to flag the "belly" going to...
  4. S

    %age cross over

    All, I have a working week shift pattern for two people over 7 days what I need is a fomula or something that will caculate the % crossover of the two people Please help

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