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    Oracle Crystal Ball - Skewness and Kurtosis in Distribution

    Hello, I've been running an Excel based monte carlo simulation with Oracle Crystal Ball. Currently, I am running a normal distribution simulation. I would like to add skewness and kurtosis. Does anyone know how I can add skewness and kurtosis into my crystal ball monte carlo simulation...
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    Are constraints possible on Monte Carlo models in Add ons (@Risk CB etc.)

    Hi, I was looking to perhaps start using a Monte Carlo package to help during investment appraisal again; I have not used one for years. I have downloaded a few trial versions of the well known ones including the ones above. However, I am not sure any of them will do one of the things I want...
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    Crystal Ball Help

    Hello, I am asking for help with the program Crystal Ball. Basically what I need is non repeating assumptions. I have a roughly 10 assumptions and they are all uniform discrete distributions between 1 and 10 but I need to make sure that if assumption 1 chooses say number 3 that no other...

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