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    How can I convert multiple delimited text files to xlsx using vba?

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can convert multiple delimited text files selected from a dialog to xlsx using vba. I have used the select dialog before in a macro, but only for a single file. I know how to set the multiselect option. The question really is how can I get vba to convert all of the...
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    Batch process csv files

    Hi Folks: I have several files in D:\Folder3 and I wish to delete column N:P and rows 15:38 and then save the files as .xls in the same folder. All files have only one sheet and I use excel 2000. Any solution? Thanks
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    copying data from a .csv to a .xls

    Morning all - silly question really - just getting back into excel with a couple of years off! What's the best way of copying data from Column A, Sheet 1, Book 1 (.csv) to Column A, Sheet 1 Book 2 (.xls)? What's the best and recommended way of doing so?

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