1. D

    3 equations all N/A

    I have 3 equations i have tried, i am trying to do an index match with month and year but they are all returning #N/A =INDEX('Operating Modes'!C6:O150,match(month(B7)='Operating Modes'!B54:B150)*(year('semi annual'!C3)='Operating Modes'!A54:A150),MATCH('semi annual'!C4,'Operating...
  2. B

    Count unique numbers based on date range and another column of data

    I have the following code in F5 that looks at the EVENT date and checks if each row is in the date range (F:G), then counts each unique ID number and this works great. However, I now want to add another check to this, which is if the "check days" (D) is >=5 it should ignore that row (ID) (or <5...
  3. L

    list of array functions

    Hi I just watched a video in which he said Transpose() is an array function. I tried to google list of array functions in excel but all what I go how to use CTRL+Shift+Enter to make array formula. My question, are they functions in excel called array functions? or array can be used with any...
  4. DRSteele

    Extracting missing numbers or dates

    I watched this video and modified the formulas. This will extract the missing values from between the minimum and maximum in the range (sorted or not) into either a single cell or a range of cells. Function TEXTJOIN requires Excel 2016, I think. Is there a superior method...
  5. Roderick_E

    Ctrl+Shift+Enter in VBA

    Ok this sounds weird but I need to know if there is a way to do a ctrl+shift+enter (array) in VBA. I often use application.match in my VBA and want to use it for multiple criteria so I can get the row number match. How do I do this? Thanks Multiple criteria match in basic formula...
  6. R

    Moving average in table with non-numeric data

    Need some expert help, please. As you can see below, the formula in cell c13 is an array that calculates a 12-day moving average for that data in column B. You can also see that column B has non-numeric data, which is why I'm using the array in C. Here's my problem. I want the formula in...
  7. C

    Minimum of values from index of array values wanted [CSE]

    Hope I present this problem in an understandable way... 1.) DATA I have an "up counting", table like this, which restarts the count from 1 "randomly": <tbody> Count 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 4 </tbody> 2.) GOAL It is easy to find the maximum: 4 and...
  8. CyrusTheVirus


    Can anyone please assist me with clearly explaining why I must use CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for formulas 1 and 2, but not for formula 3? H1=Jerry H2=Bob H3=Tony Range 'Names' = H1:H3 Formula 1: {=SUM(SUMIFS(B2:B10,A2:A10,H1:H3))} Formula 2: [/CODE]{=SUM(SUMIFS(B2:B10,A2:A10,Names))}[/CODE]...
  9. N

    FormulaArray for formula more than 255 characters

    Hi Guys, I am trying to FormulaArray in my code and it does not work for formula having more than 255 characters. I have already tried couple of solutionas given on link below and this does not work for me http://www.excelforum.com/excel-prog...ml#post3932754 Solution on this link does not...
  10. M

    Trouble with Multiple Array Formula

    Hi, I'm having a slight issue with a multiple array formula I am using to copy over data from one worksheet to another. The formula works ok but as is it a Multiply Array I have to press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. However my original spreadsheet has over 15,000 lines of data and as each formula...
  11. S

    CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER don't respond

    Hi, I try to define an array formula, but the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER keys don't respond. So far I already tried: 1. using the CTRL, SHIFT keys both on the right and on the left with all combinations. 2. First writing the formula, then choosing the range and pressing C+S+E => no response. 3. First...

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