curly brackets

  1. A

    Curly Brackets but not an array?

    Hi I've been given a spreadsheet to work through and there's a formula that I've never seen before. It's =IF(SUM(COUNTIF(E3,{"*M*","*T*","*W*","*F*"})),"O","") The curly brackets are there whether Ctrl Shift and Enter is used or not. The only time I've seen curly brackets are for arrays...
  2. R

    Curly Brackets MULTIPLE criteria

    Hi Mr. Excel users, I have a simple problem that I can't solve. {=SMALL(IF(AND(R:R=1,Q:Q=O6),P:P),20)} Above formula is not working Columns: R - Cell value = 1 is only considered to be included Q - Cell value = "April" will only considered to be included But it isn't working, I don't know...
  3. I

    Embedding arrays within formulas

    Hello, I have a custom UDF that requires a 2-element array in one of the parameters of the form: {string 1, string 2}. If I construct the formula such that the array is a 'hard' copy, i.e. =MyUDF(param1, param2, {"abc", "def"}) then it works perfectly. However, I want to be able to pull the...
  4. 9tanstaafl9

    How do I filldown an array using VBA? Or copy and paste one?

    I need to use VBA to either filldown or copy and paste a cell that contains an array. I have to admit, I don't even know what an array is, I'm trying to clean up someone else's report. (Never again!) Anyway, when I try to use VBA to filldown, or to copy and paste, it "works" fine and pastes...
  5. D

    Curly bracket, parentheses and square brackets in formula

    What is the terminology and concept behind this? It is probably easy to learn about if we knew the name of this oddity. Our spreadsheet shows formulas that show like this: {sum(if(...))}(1,1)[0][0] The ... indicates omitted detail. We want to modify the formula to get data from a...
  6. O

    Using quotes and curly brackets in formulas for vba

    I'd like to enter in an equation such as this into a cell: {=SUM(IF(LEFT(D8:D17,3)="130",E8:E17,0))} in VBA. There are two issues. First, when I build up a string, I normally can't have quotes "". In php, this is simple, use single quotes instead, such as cell.formula =...

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