currency formatting

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    Macro to format Currency in Armenian DRAM

    Hi I have a multi-currency model that allows the user to format using a selection from a number of different currencies e.g. USD, GBP, EUR etc with their relevant currency symbols. An example of the code within the macro is as follows: ' For USD: Selection.NumberFormat = _...
  2. D

    Converting UK Currency to Euro format

    Hello I posted this yesterday but I think it was in the wrong place. Sorry. I have a worksheet where all the values are written in UK format, e.g. 10,000,000.00 7,500.12 100.00 I need to have them in Euro format, i.e. 10.000.000,00 7.500,12 100,00 The built in Currency Formatting isn't...
  3. R

    Currency/Accounting dropdowns

    Is it possible to change these currency options? I use 2 or 3 currencies regularly and would like to have the other two be easily accessible along with USD. Thanks for your help!
  4. A

    Currency formatting problems with different languages

    I have w7 installed in English with Spanish keyboard setting. I need this as I operate in both languages. MS Office 2010 is installed in English. When I right click on a cell to format the currency in € my problems start. If I want the number to be to 2 decimal places written as 25,00 € (this...
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    Adding together separate currency rows based on adjacent column value

    Good morning I hope you can offer any help or guidance on the issue I’m currently having. As an example: I have a spread sheet which totals the amounts in 2 columns D and E, which are pounds and pence. The formulas for each one are: Pounds =SUM(D3:D8)+ROUNDDOWN((SUM(E3:E8)/100),0)...
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    Excel auto formats numbers to currency

    I am having a problem where Excel 2007 randomly reformats dates and other numbers as currency. This also happens in pivot tables even though the source data is not currency. Has anyone experienced this before and know the solution?
  7. J

    change currency format based on another cell format

    Hi I am trying to change the currency format of one cell based on the currency format of another cell. So if cell A1 is £5.00 and cell B1 is £10.00 when the format of the master cell (A1) is change to $ then B1 will automatically change to $10.00. Can anyone help? Thanks Jim
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    Currency Number Format Changing in a Graph Data Table

    I have a graph which does a year on year comparison. I have added check boxes so users can select/deselect which years are displayed and attached code hides/unhides the relevant source data row which in turn removes/adds it to the graph. The source data number format is currency with a £...
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    Re-formatting with currency

    I have an add-in that imports currency data in a spreadsheet and it reformats cells without decimals! Is there a way to either use conditional formatting and avoid the circular reference or use even a bit of VB? Thanks!

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