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    current date shortcut key in Excel online

    Hello, In Excel 2016, the shortcut key for current date is CTRL + ; For current time the shortcut key is: Shift+CTRL+; Are there similar shortcut keys in the online version of Excel? I can only find basic shortcut keys for navigation etc... Thanks
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    Using VBA to Create Copy/Paste PuTTY Commands

    ***I am having trouble attaching the Images as used in the following question, you can find them here: Google Drive MrExcel Folder including the Excel File Please forgive me as I am brand new to VBA, I only started researching and learning 2 weeks ago using Excel 2010 when I found myself in a...
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    Current Time macro & command button

    How do I create a macro and command button for an Access Form. User should click command button and have current time enter into Start Time field. Thanks.:confused:

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