1. Richard U

    vba to skip corrupt files needed (Excel crashes when trying to open)

    We are upgrading to office 365 and excel 2016, and changing our directory structure. As part of this, we need to document which spreadsheets have links. I am literally checking tens of thousands of files. I created a crawler to scour the directories, open the files and documenting the links...
  2. E

    VBA to call hyperlink in cell

    Hello, Is anyone aware of how I can call a mailto: hyperlink in a cell to activate using VBA? I've tried all of the following. Sub Test() Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B7").Select End Sub and Sub Test() Dim CurrentPath As String CurrentPath = Application.ActiveWorkbook.FullName...
  3. J

    Programatically changing the picture on a command button

    Trying to toggle an image on a command button for sort direction. I keep getting a type mismatch. currentPath = ActiveWorkook.Path cmdSort.Picture = currentPath & "\sortAsc.gif" Double checked the file name just to be sure.
  4. P

    How to combine TraversePath function to email VBA code?

    Can someone help me to combine mail merge attachment VBA code with looping folder and sub-folders code? I've tried out few options and its either shows error by sending emails without the attachments or doesn't finds attachment due to the location in sub-folders. **My mail merge code is...

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