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    Cursor automatically jumping / moving to next cell

    Hello I need help trying to figure out to make excel 2013 cursor move automatically to next cell Example. I type in the letter (A) in cell A1 and cursor would automatically move to B1 Thank you
  2. R

    Customize the Cursor flow / direction on pressing enter in Excel worksheet / table grid using Excel VBA

    I have a column as follows : Column A---------------Column B 100 ----------------- 500 200 ----------------- 600 AA ----------------- ABCD BB ----------------- DEFG CC ----------------- FF DD ----------------- GG EE -----------------II 300 ----------------- 700 400 ----------------- 800 I...
  3. L

    Make cursor auto return to cell A1

    Hello, Is there a way of automating the cursor to default to cell A1 (in all sheets) when closing the workbook? With thanks, Max Kramer :)

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