cursor control

  1. K

    Cursor control within event change

    I have not been able to resolve my problem searching the internet and trying different methods. My desired action: On rows 3 – 55, when the cell in column C or D is changed, the next cell when Tab/Enter is pressed is to be in column F of the current row. My code works if the user presses...
  2. D

    Tab function

    HELLO I have created a userform everything work fine but I have issues with tab function for example when I enter value in textbox1 and press tab button the cursor should go to combobox1 then combobox2 then textbox 2 then textbox 3 and 4 respectively but in my case the cursor is not going to...
  3. ed.ayers315

    marco to change cursor movement

    Hello forum, Looking for a macro to move down when enter is pressed while in column a or c and move right when in any other column. Thanks
  4. S

    Cursor control in forms

    I have created a userform to collect name and address information. The form consists of the following text boxes: name, st_add1, st_add2, st_add3, city, state, & zip. If the user tabs out of any of the st_add text boxes, leaving it empty I want to place the cursor in the city text box. For...

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