custom cell format

  1. W

    Excel 2016 not recognising custom date format

    Hi All, I am having some issues with getting Excel to recognise that the data in one of my columns is actually a date, but is formatted as DAY, 01/01/2019. I have created a custom format for the column, which is ddd, dd/mm/yyy but this doesn't appear to have helped... I don't want to reformat...
  2. P

    How to apply multiple colors in custom formating

    Let assume that I have a worksheet with 2 columns. And if the value in the first column is "A", I wish to add a Red * in the value of the second column. I managed to add a * in the second column by using the conditional formating with custom format [Red]!*@. But it turned the whole thing...
  3. K

    Cell formatting problem

    Hi, I have one cell in my spreadsheet "1" that doesn't react to formatting. In the spreadsheet "1" there are many cells that have links to another spreadsheet "2" and if the values in that spreadsheet "2" are zero then by using cell formatting in the spreadsheet "1" instead of values "0" there...
  4. A

    Help me separate a number and a formatted text into two columns

    Greetings! I have a column in a spreadsheet with cells each custom formatted to display a number (indicating quantity) and a unit of measure (such as lb., kg, can, pc, etc.). I need to separate this column into two formatted as number and text displaying the numeric value for the quantity and...
  5. M

    Using dates with text

    Hello, Please if anyone can help. I think this is possible without a VBA but I can't figure it out. I want a cell coded with a custom date format and general formatting. In a cell lets say S1 I tried making up this formal. =W1&" - "&A2&" "&VLOOKUP(Q2,AB5:AC28,2,FALSE)&" "&X1&" PRODUCTION" The...
  6. A

    custom format

    Hi all, I have a custom format which will display millions as $2.5M and thousands as $249.9K. these values will always be above $100,000 and got up to a couple hundred million. However there are some newly created regions where data will no exist for a particular period and I have put an...
  7. A

    New Lines in Tables have Cell Styles

    Hello all! I've got a small issue on Excel 2010. I have created a table and some custom cell styles. I've noticed that each row I create in said table, copies the custom cell styles of the first row I ever created (that row now contains different cell styles, but the cell styles being copied...
  8. L

    auto number incl. text and date over multiple sheets

    Hello :) I have a file with multiple sheets for each day of the month to track daily sales...each sale/order is given a unique reference number. This reference number includes the sales person's unique prefix (2 letters), followed by a consecutive 2 digit number - e.g. sales person's first...
  9. M

    Conditional Formatting for Blank cells to display Custom text

    This seems like a bug to me (I have experience as a software tester, so I don't make this statement lightly). Or else there is some criterion that is grossly obfuscated. I searched a long time and could not find any documentation anywhere regarding the issue. I have a range of cells with...
  10. M

    VBA Form to format a sheet

    I am interested in an Excel VBA form that takes the values from two txt boxes and formats the sheet to show the matrix of the values. So if a person enters 32 in box 1 and 32 in box 2 it formats the sheet to have 32 rows with 32 columns and hides the rest. How would this be coded in 1 button...
  11. Q

    Excel Custom Cell Formats - Delete button missing

    Hello! I am trying to delete a custom cell format in Excel. I've done this a zillion times before, but now my "Delete" button is gone! The other spreadsheets I'm working in have the "Delete" button, no problem! How can I get it back? As some background, a lot of spreadsheets in our company are...
  12. J

    Custom Cell Formatting

    Hi there, I'm new to the board so hi to all. I just had a quick question about formatting a cell. I wanted to see if I could save a custom format for the way a number is displayed in any given cell. In my case I have a 15 digit number that I would like to change to display differently. Of...
  13. K

    Custom Cell style

    HI, I am trying to creat a custom cell style that will take a number (example: 0.05) and convert it to a percent (5.0) without showing the % sign. I can't figure out what I need to put in the type under custom to get it to work. We have tonnes of tables and I don't want to have to add in the...

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