custom filters

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    Clearing Custom Filter Before Selecting

    Running Excel 365 Pro Plus. Have a table with approximately 100,000 rows with duplicate entries. Have been using conditional formatting and custom filter to identify and sort these entries. Takes 20-30 minutes to run. However, when I want to use the custom filter for another task, as soon as...
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    creating filtered views

    I have about 500 records belonging to the 50 states and about 20 or so regions. A state can below to more than one region. I need to make it easy for the regions to see the data for their states. I could create separate worksheets for each region, but that would be very inefficient to update...
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    Creating Quick Custom View from Data Dump File

    As an input, I have a raw data file with a myriad of fields. My business partner needs an output that filters down the results based on a specific field criteria. Our goal is to automat the output in contrast to applying filters and copy and pasting the filtered results. Additionally, one of...

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