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    VBA Customer format

    Hi, I'm after VBA to custom format certain cells: Positive numbers: [<999950]$0.00,"K";[<999950000]$0.00,,"M";$0.00,,,"B" and Negative numbers: [<-999950]$-0.00,"K";[<-999950000]$-0.00,,"M";$-0.00,,,"B" I'd also like the reference which cells get formatted in a cell. So in the "Menu" sheet...
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    Custom Cell Format

    Hi have researched custom format of cells, but have not been able to find a response which deals with my issue. Is it possible to have a cell display as 3*3, 4*4, 5*5 and so on? So regardless of what number is typed, it displays as number*number. Is there as way for this to be done? Thanks in...
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    Format Cells: Create custom prefix that will work on both number and text

    I need to create a custom prefix that will work with cells that contain both number only and number and text data. I've used "000-0"#### but that only works with number only cells. I've also tried "000-0"@ but it only displays the text. There must be a simple solution I can't think of! Many thanks
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    Custom Formatting £1.50 to show as £1.50 but £1.00 to show as £1

    I am trying to find a custom format to show £1.00 as £1 and £1.50 to show as £1.50. Many Thanks Matt
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    VBA Align text to the left and a ASCII character to the right on the same cell

    Hello. I am trying to make a code which hide and unhide a range of cells when I click on a specific cell. This specific cell have a text and a ascii character (a up arrow when I hide and a down arrow when I unhide) The code is working just fine. However, i would like to know if there is any way...
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    Custom Format - align currency symbols

    I am using the custom cell format to change the way large numbers are displayed but cannot find how to align the currency symbol similar to using the built-in "accounting format". I want to display "$97,234,567" (for example) as "$97.23 M" and align the subsequent cells with the currency symbol...
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    Custom cell format

    :):)Im am trying to Custom format a column of cells. What I am wanting is when someone types in 212 it show up as 2 1/2, I am unable to figure out the correct format. the reason is when someone types in a hole number like 3 it looks like this /2. I was able to do a imput mask in Access...
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    Custom Format-- date question

    I need to take 9/10/1995 and custom format to appear as S101995 I can't figure out how to on my custom formatting. Anyone? Thanks... Anita
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    Custom Format Cells

    I am trying to custom format cells to display "10-10-001CM" after only "1010001cm" is typed. I have been able to format it with just the numbers but everytime I enter the text it no longer formats. The number format will always be the same "##-##-###AA" The letters may be CM, CW, or CC. Does...

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