custom toolbars

  1. QueeniePie

    Leftover Excel 2003 Custom Toolbar in 2007 will not delete

    Afternoon, Many years ago my esteemed former colleague created a very complicated spreadsheet in Excel 2003 which I shall call "Parasite". He departed for sunnier climes a couple of years ago and I have since been given the task of updating this spreadsheet. The original spreadsheet contained...
  2. L

    Custom Toolbars and Add-Ins WITHOUT VBA or XML in 2007

    I have only very VERY basic knowledge of VBA, and none of XML. I had a custom toolbar in Excel 2003, with button images I'd created myself, linked to macros I'd created. I'm trying to achieve this in 2007. I've successfully got my macros into my 2007 "PERSONAL.XLSB" workbook (by simply copying...

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