1. H

    Customise Icon Sets

    Hey folks Are you able to customise or create your own icon sets in Excel 2013? Patients not assessed at baseline = 15 Patients not assessed at post intervention = 5 Need the 5 patients to have a green down arrow as in this case it is better. I've googled and searched the forum but can't...
  2. J

    Customise ribbon/tabs

    I have been tasked with updating a spreadsheet created by someone who has since retired. I need to access a custom tab at the top of the spreadsheet but it does not appear under the main tabs list in options and customise ribbon. Why doesn't it appear and how can I access it? Than you.
  3. M

    Pivot chart customise axis

    Hi All, I have a pivot Table/Chart that is sorted into hours/days/months. I need it to be separated like this as I need to identify values that go over a certain level but the average would give a false value on the chart. What I need to know is if it is possible for the horizontal axis to...
  4. S

    Is it possible to customize appearance of Sort/Filter arrow boxes?

    I am looking for something a little more streamlined than the current box with a down-facing black arrow. Is there a basic way to do this that I have completely overlooked or will it require something advanced that is beyond my pay grade? Or perhaps it's baked into the program and not even...
  5. A

    Excel 2007, customising error bars

    Hi, I would like to include error bars for confidence intervals on a line graph, and this involves customising the data points. However, it seems I must apply the interval I choose (using the customise function) to the whole series, and this is no good, as the interval is different for each...
  6. B

    Excel 07 Chart - Bespoke Colour Scheme

    Hi, I've formatted a pie chart into company colours, is there now a way that i can save these colours as a theme and simply select that as opposed to one of the schemes in the ribbon? Thanks Ben

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