1. E

    Dashboard Macro Bug & Adjustment

    Hi VBA Specialist, I run a macro every morning to see the status of the project. (code below) It opens every statusfile of a factory, reads out the important values and sums it up in a dashboard. The macro should only fill untill column V, but it also (over)rights a 0 in column W. Does anybody...
  2. C

    Creating dashboard - general strategy

    Hello, I stand before a task to create a dashboard showing several metrics derived from a single large (expanding 100s rows x 300 fixed collums of data) table. I do have an idea which metrics I need to track, and how to individually get them from the data, but I struggle with defining a...
  3. T

    SUMIFS (multiple criteria in one cell)

    Hi All, I have to create multiple dashboards for a client and I'm looking to streamline our process. One of the tabs used in the dashboard is a summary of costs based on multiple criteria. Right now it is set up that each entity the client is looking to analyze has their own tab however I'm...
  4. V

    Excel chart in desktop

    Hi, does any one know how can I keep a chart coming from excel file in top of my desktop? Is kind of dashboard, is like a gadget but for excel, I update that chart every date but want to keep it on my desktop Thanks
  5. D

    saving excel workbook as web file

    hi everybody, im getting my head around excel and ive managed to create a fully working dashboard for my company, however, i am now requested to put this "dash" on the local intranet. i have saved it as a web file, but when i open the web version, most images and buttons have moved to the right...
  6. D

    Populating a table with ranges specified in cells

    Hi all. This is my first post I hope someone can help. I am creating a dashboard at the moment, meant for multiple users ranging in excel experience levels. There are various background tables feeding this; one of which contains 25 years worth of comparative pricing data for two products. Where...
  7. I

    VBA to choose line or column chart type for a series collection

    Hello! I am pretty new at using macros, right now I am bit stucked as I am trying to build one that changes a specific series in a series collection and change it to column type if it is in line type and vicerversa. I tried to do it with macro recorder, but it only changes the first series...
  8. S

    Handling Missing Data in Line Chart

    I have a line chart that shows monthly trends over a two year period. Chart data is sourced from a table that I built using a pivot table and the GetPivotData function. I am also using a drop-down control that allows a user to select among different countries (e.g., US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)...

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