data comaprison

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    Copy cells from specific row if the value from another cells match

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my accounting data analysis. I have two workbooks, let's call them "MAIN" and "DATA". Both are exported from another program, that's why they are in separate files, although they can be on separate worhsheets if there is a need. I have to copy cells from "DATA"...
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    If/Then Data Comparison Formula help!??

    Im at work doing the same tedious work over and over for 18k+ entries and i know excel can do this work for me. here's what i have set up: ּ ּ ּ ּ A ּ ּ ּ ּ ּ ּ B ּ ּ ּ ּ ּ ּ C 01. 101-A.......101-A.......-------..... 02. 102-A.......103-B.......Error..... 03...

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