data comparison

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    PowerBI Comparison between dynamic daterange.

    Hi Guys, I have "SalesTable" and If I select March 1st 2017 to March 15th 2017, it has to calculate immediate 15 days before data and show the % change. or If a user select 10 days of data it has to compare the immediate 10 days previous data and show the % change. Please help! Thanks &...
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    Coloring cells based on data from other sheet

    Hi, I have problem with this formula: Sub Cell_color()Dim MyWorkbook As Workbook Dim Matrix As Worksheet Dim Help As Worksheet Dim Data As Worksheet Set MyWorkbook = ActiveWorkbook Set Matrix = MyWorkbook.Sheets("Matrix") Set Data = MyWorkbook.Sheets("Data") Set Help =...
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    Any number in a column is greater than last one entered

    Hoping someone can help me with this one. I've tried the COUNTIF and the IF methods I could think of and I can't figure how to make a simple formula I can put into the cells of a column that will do the following: Consider that Column E needs to contain a list of dates. 1. I need a formula...
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    flag or highlight when number entered exceeds a set value in relation to previous cell

    Okay, don't know if that Title will do it. However hopefully someone can help me with the following. I think it is conditional formatting that I want to use, but it doesn't seem to be quite right. I have a row of numbers and I want to have the system notify me or colour the cell or in some way...

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