data conversion

  1. I

    Power Query Fails to Convert Data Type, Error Persists

    Hello, I have a power query pulling from a CSV file. I have set the data type in one of the columns as text, but there are errors that claim power query could not convert the data in the column to a number. I have tried refreshing the query. I've tried converting to a different data type then...
  2. K

    Code for converting data into a particular format

    Hi All, I have been facing this recurring issue. We need to analyze the spend as per product and SKU by week, months, quarters etc. The dump from the tool is in a raw form and we end up spending lot of time in converting the data into a format which can be further used to apply pivots. I am...
  3. M

    Data Conversion

    I'm hoping somebody here can help me with my problem as im well and truly fed up with it! :mad::laugh: I have thousands of rows like in the example image below. This record summarises the attendance for a course of treatment. At system level this record is linked to the patient attending and...
  4. S

    Convert GENERAL cells to DATE, please help

    Hi everyone, I have a tough issue I need to solve quickly and I really need your help here. I have a DATE column where in some of the records the date appears in Excel formated as GENERAL (aligned to the left in the cell) and I I tried everything to changed it to date but to no avail. The...
  5. R

    Convert MB, GB, KB to bytes

    Hi everyone. One of our partners don't understand how to usefully present data, and their equipment is generating data usage reports into csv/xls, however are displaying data values in a mix of GB's, MB's and KB's. We need to sort and compare this data, and its absolutely useless in this...
  6. D

    numbers to h:mm conversion

    Hi everyone, I was given a spreadsheet where someone typed in 1224 and it was supposed to be 12:24. I have over 1500 of these type of errors. Is there a way to correct them without having to retype each of them? Thanks, Dennis
  7. L

    Macro to convert HTML within a cell to a rich text formatted cell

    I am trying to use the below macro to copy HTML into IE10 and paste back into excel in a rich text format The error message is 'Run-time error '438' Object doesn't support this property or method. When I debug it appears to be something wrong with the copy line? Sub Sample() Dim Ie As...
  8. B

    Import Data from results of a PHP Form Mail to Excel Spreadsheet

    I receive emails from our Form Mail page that clients use to register for our Fitness classes. They look like this....This is the exact way the information comes to me. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/>...
  9. P

    Data conversion: from a table to list

    Hi, I have a data set data shown below in Table 1 (this is just a sample data set, actual data set has 10,000 lines). I need to convert this to the format in Table 2. I figured the best way is to create a query based on Table 1 to get the "subject" hook and then to relate this subject query to...
  10. S

    Need Macro to transpose data (MS OS X)

    I have excel file that have the following columns: Sample ID, Analyte Name, Concentration, RSD. These columns are filled down. I would like the analyte names should be the column headings. Then the rows with the sample ID, Concentration, and RSD - these rows are filled in with elemental...
  11. M

    Excel VBA

    Help!!! Am at a loss :confused: How do i write a macro that would look for a string (Numeric e.g. "999") in colum's 'O' - 'T'? (Columns 15 - 20) If the string is found, i want it (the macro) too copy that entire row to a 'new' sheet (Sheet2) in the same workbook and delete the row from Sheet1...
  12. B

    Save a file as .txt & keep spacing

    I thought this would be easy. I can't figure out how to paste a portion of a worksheet so, here's what I have: A B C D E F 1 123 ABC 1 123 Joe Smith 1234 N. Elm 2 123 ABC Tommy Jones 59th Street When I save it as a .txt...

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