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    Batch replacing External Connection Stream

    Hi, I currently have a spreadsheet that includes lots of pages imported from external data (an external website). The links that I used were similar to: However recently there has been an issue with a security certificate on...
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    Code for copying columns of data when it auto updates to create log

    Hi all...I've been dipping in and out of this really useful forum to improve my Excel skills thanks for the help. I am however struggling to solve what is probably a fairly straight forward bit of coding...something until last week I had no experience with. I have a regularly...
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    Indirect File Link

    Does any know how to make an indirect file link work using the Indirect function? The formula is =INDIRECT("'c:\temp\[Indirect File Link.xlsx]"&$A$1&"'!A6") With the file (Indirect File Link.xlsx) open the above formula works ok. With the file closed I get #REF! returned. Any help would be...
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    Refresh data link without prompting when file opens?

    I have a large metrics Excel 2013 workbook with a lot of hidden tabs with data links pulling data into tables. I have a handful of these set to refresh upon opening the file...which causes a warning upon opening the file to update links or not. Can this warning be turned off so the user...
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    excel/autocad link

    does anyone know how to set up a link between an excel spreadsheet and an autocad civil 3d file? civil 3d is .net capable, and somewhat with VBA. If a link is not possible, is there a way to get the data off the civil 3d file with a VBA or .net?
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    Vlookup using VBA Constants

    I want to use a VLOOKUP formula to pull data from additional workbooks. I would like to use constants/dimensions in VBA to reference the “table_array” in the formula. The pathways will always stay the same but the name will change to the date. The formula will bring back the data but I have to...

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