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    Automatically change source location of sheet data is linked to.

    This is a little long but I want to explain why my problem is happening. I have a bunch of spreadsheets that have links to a master spreadsheet and they all reside in the same folder. These spreadsheets are used as design tables for Solidworks. When a Solidworks 3D model is opened Solidworks...
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    Data Label Linkage Issue

    Dear all, I am creating a bar chart in excel, and would like to copy the sheet that the chart is in to duplicate the page. For the chart, I am forcing the data labels to link to a set of values in one column. For example, the labels for my bars are linked to values in column A. But when i...
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    Dream Team Macro

    Hi All Could use some help here. I have built a spreadsheet to track several teams myself and some friends have in an online dream team game. This site does not allow for mini leagues to be set up hence me creating this spreadsheet. I would like to be able to build some code which goes...
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    Maintaining Link Relationships xls & ppt

    There are two of us in separate physical locations (computers NOT networked) working on a xls and ppt file with links in the ppt (both version 2007) pulling info from the xls. The problem we are having is to maintain the links once we have shared the files back and forth. At the present time...

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