data ranges

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    Excel VBA error with sum formula

    Hi All, I have an spreadsheet which consist of employee data and there revenue to generate an automate invoice. here is an image link!AnOR9mvtWzlzc6NUs4vHUtxOI5c M21 is the total cell which has name range as Total M22 is the StTax as name range. The grand total has...
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    Struggliing with relative / variable filenames and data ranges.

    All I want, as with so many macros; I just want them to run on the ActiveSheet, regardless of it's name. I can even use ActiveSheet.Name to print a popup of the actual name of a particular Workbook/sheet, so I know the Macro knows what the name of the document is, but in no way can I include it...
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    Excel Question - Autopopulate a Table with Date Ranges

    I have a question...I am bulding a table in Excel which contains on the columns all of the months and in the rows I want to display in automatic the information from another table that I have with all of my contracts (3, 6, 9, 12 months contracts), so basically in my first table I have all of...
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    formula to expand ranges

    I have several entries in a column of data... example: t334.1 - t356.9 b044 - b059.7 w120.88 - w129.55 1036 - 1048 1044 2233 239 19 12567 H0876 I'd like to know if it's possible to "expand" these "ranges" to include the lines not shown (and represented by) the "-"... example 2: same list...
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    Send outlook emails with message in cells to individual emails associated with them

    Hi everyone, Basically I have a data sheet with a list individuals in one column and individual messages in the next and their associated email addresses in another. I have an excel VBA code which sends the whole worksheet as an email attachment to a specific address. Is there a way to modify...

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