data reduction

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    Excel Macro for taking average of each "n" cells

    I have a data sheet with 29 columns (variables) and 5000 rows (meaning 5000 data points for each variables). From this, I want to create a separate data sheet with 29 columns and 500 rows. For each variables I want the average of each 10 rows (row 1 through 10, 11 through 20,....and so on) in...
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    Reducing a set of data points through averaging

    Hi, I have had an extensive search of the net but am having trouble solving my predicament. I am running into a dilemma with my research. Its regarding gait analysis. I want to be able to present joint angles at a percentage of gait cycle in increments of 1 or 2%. Right now, through...
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    Data Reduction

    I have recieved some data from an experiement with around 10,000 data points. I am wondering how to take the average of every 5 numbers so that the data is reduced Theres got to be an easy way. For example i want <tbody> </tbody> <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="3" width="64">...
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    Rolling Max Min Average from Time Series data

    Hello all, I am new at this and have not been able to find any previous post for this so here goes: Each row of data shown below is produced according to a specified time interval (30 seconds) and there may be a few blank or empty data cells. I need to chart the 5-Minute, Hourly and Daily...

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