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    Pie Chart & Graph - dynamic data source

    Hi all I have a workbook, with a worksheet for each month which contains a table in which daily figures are input. Next to this, I have another worksheet with reports of various pie charts and graphs to illustrate where the work time has been spent, enquiry origin etc etc. which are created...
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    Creating Pivot Tables from Multiple Worksheets

    Hi, I was hoping to create a pivot table from multiple worksheets that consist of multiple tabs. I am finding that I have too many elements within my data source to do this. Is there a solution other than making the world's largest master worksheet? Please advise. My elements are: Year...
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    Macro: Change chart source data without using Activate

    I'm trying to create a macro that changes the source data from specific cells for different cases. The button to run the macro is in Sheet1 and the charts are in Sheet2. My code so far is: Sheets("Sheet2").ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate ActiveChart.SetSourceData...
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    Pivot table-change data source

    I built a pivot table in Workbook 1, then a new version was created. So I copied the pivot table to Workbook 2. But now the data source for the table is still in Workbook 1. The data is basically the same in both workbooks except that workbook 2 is the one that I will be editing and adding...
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    Changing the data source range for a PivotTable

    Hi. I use PivotTables to sum and analyse client's bank account details, basically a list of payments. Pre-Excel 2007, I could amend the size of the data range of a pivottable to take into account the extra or fewer transactions in this year over last year by (I think) right-clicking the...

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