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    Data Table Ranges as Dimensions

    I am trying to use VBA to activate a what-if analysis data table and to set up the row and column two factor variable. DT_MFG_Act - is a range name in the Workbook. intJSRow, intActCol, and intGACRow are all integers that represent a row or a column number. This worked yesterday when I...
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    using a cell reference for data table input

    i feel like i have done this a hundred times, but for whatever reason its not working for me... i have a data table that looks like this: <tbody> RATE Monthly 289.68 1.00% 262.81 2.00% 276.04 3.00% 289.68 4.00% 303.74 5.00% 318.20 6.00% 333.06 </tbody> all the RATE numbers...
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    Two Variable Data Table

    Is it possible to have one of the input cells be a cell that has a formula in it, rather than a hard value? For some reason I am not getting that axis of the table to produce varying results and I am not sure why. The correct side has a cell with a value as its input so this is my best guess...

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