data type mismatch

  1. swaink

    Ms Query Data Type mismatch

    Hi All I have a data set in an Excel Spreadsheet table and am querying that table from another workbook In the data set I have a column showing the UK postcode with no space, I need to extract only the postcode down to sector level and add a space In my query I have used select...
  2. W

    Data Type Change

    Hi this is my first time using this and I am somewhat of a beginner when it comes to Visual Basic. I was trying to make a code that would read in two columns of script and check if there is any new data in the new script that is not in the old script and then record that data. Here is what I...
  3. B

    Join Two Variables, Use Result as Variable

    I'm trying to join two variables. A string prefix (defined within each routine) and then a number (defined within a loop). The concatenated result would be the same as a defined variable. For example, during the first run through the loop below, the phrase "Field1" has a publicly declared value...
  4. L

    VBA If Statement not catching all the conditions that match

    I am writing a VBA code to double check and make sure I don't double book instructors or classrooms. My code is below. For each WeekDay/Period combination it checks the schedule and every time a T or R etc and 1 or 2 etc match up with the WeekDay/Period combination I should get a 1. The...
  5. S

    Access Report Error

    Hi All, I am using the following module to calculate networkdays in Access: Option Compare Database Public Function Weekdays(ByRef startDate As Date, _ ByRef endDate As Date _ ) As Integer ' Returns the number of weekdays in the period from startDate ' to endDate inclusive...
  6. garden_rael

    Get Data Type

    Hi I'm trying to obtain the data type entered by the user in an inputbox The user should enter date, when the user enters an invalid number the rest of the macro won't work as gets a type mismatch. I'd like to know if there is a form to evaluate the data type... I tried declaring the varibale...
  7. E

    Error - Data type mismatch in criteria expression

    Hi, I'd really appreciate any help with this as the above error from a query has been driving me nuts! I have a query to pull data from a table that includes this criteria expression: where dateserial(year,1,JulianDay) >= #26/07/2010# and dateserial(year,1,JulianDay) <= #01/08/2010# because...
  8. 2

    Data type mismatch

    Hello Friends Could you please help me get around this data type mismatch error that I am getting while executing a query? I have a database in which one data type of one of the columns is "memo" even though it contains numbers. One of the record for example is "0.244897961616516". Now I have...

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