data updating

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    VLOOKUP wild card matches

    Hi there, I am stuck and maybe VLOOKUP is not the way to go at all but here is what I am trying to do. I have a column where uses paste data ex: HP LaserJet 4014n Printer I want to update this data with the Correct Product name from a different tab in the sheet. Table_Array 'Price List Jan...
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    Macro to Update Data Between 2 Workbooks

    Hey guys, I am having some issues creating a macro to update cell data in a "master" workbook from another workbook that is generated weekly based on a Part ID. The Part ID is located in Column A in both workbooks, and the weights in the workbook to be read are in Column B. Here's a sample to...
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    data updaing problem

    Hi there, I have an on going problem with updating data from linked excel files. 1. I'm working with excel 2010. 2. The source files are excel 2007. 3. The link formula is VLOOKUP, for example: =VLOOKUP(A3,'C:\mobiledep\marketing\Documents\[output (1).xls]Sheet1'!$A:$B,2,0) 4. The data from...
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    Pivot Table Data Range Folder

    Is there a way to use VBA or other solution to have my pivot tables point to the same file name and range, but in different folders? For example, I have a folder named 2010-MAY. I have pivot tables that update from a file in that folder called Data.xls. The file has a text-import range...

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