data validation lists

  1. G

    Autocomplete dependent data validation drop down lists

    Dear Friends, I was trying to find this all over the internet but the ones that I found does not work in my worksheet. The idea is to include a VBA coding in order to include the autocomplete feature in all the Data Validation Dropdown Lists that I have included in the worksheet. I found...
  2. B

    Cascading Data Validation List based on Multiple Conditions

    I have a table with the following columns: Account, Sub, and Split. I'm trying to create cascading data validation lists where you first select the Account, then the Sub, and finally the Split. So in the table below if I chose Account = 501650, then Sub = 00-240, the third Split list should...
  3. L

    Spare parts drop down list problem

    Hi New to this forum & Excel. i am currently trying to make a customer spare parts quotation but have an issue with selecting "customer" "machine" "serial No." drop down lists. <tbody> CUSTOMER MACHINE TYPE SERIAL No. JOE.BLOGGS MC TYPE1 1234 </tbody> My problem is:- we have 4 main "types"...
  4. U

    Dynamic data validation list to exclude values selected in the previous cell on the same row

    Hi everyone, this seemed like a simple problem but I'm struggling to see a simple solution. Basically I have a 'Project tracker' spreadsheet that contains two people resource columns. One is titled 'Project Lead' and the other 'Project Support'. The validation list for both of these is based on...
  5. T

    Data Validation and Index Match

    Hello Everyone, sorry if this is a repeat, my first post kicked back for the registration confirmation and I am not sure if it was submitted or not. I am trying to create a drop down list that is dependent on another cells data. I have a workbook that includes a worksheet linked to our...

    Help with VLOOKUP Table array and DV lists conflict

    Hi Guys - I really need some help with trying to get a VLOOKUP search to return data from a table with the name matching what is selected from a DV list drop down cell - I've tried to attach a mini example of what it is I'm trying to create but it won't allow me to add attachments... So, I have...
  7. F

    Keep loosing Sheet reference in my Data valildation list

    Hei I have a data entry sheet, where the customer name are validated in the customer list on a different sheet. The file keep loosing the sheet name in the validation address. This has happend several times, and this confuse the users. Is this a known bug and are there a way to avoid this...
  8. T

    VBA code for multiple selections within a drop-down list - Suggestions please

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so apologies beforehand for any errors while posting this. I'm also very new to VBA coding, but looked around and eventually put together the below code from various sources, with some flaws though. My requirements with the coding are: 1) Select multiple items...
  9. J

    changing the color of a cell for invalid values while copy/paste on a cell with "Data Validation"

    Hello I created a list data validation to a range of cells using =INDIRECT(SUBSTITUTE($D3," ","_")), and it works great, I do understand that there is a limitation that data validation only works with user enter values, however I need to populate the range with a Copy/Paste, so what I need, if...
  10. E

    Excel data validation drop-list bug

    hi, i have an unusual error with data validation drop-down list. when i creating drop-down list in excel 2010 - everything was fine - like it supposed to work. when i open the same workbook in excel 2013 - i get an graphic error. the cell don't show the scroll bar object and there is an black...

    How to fix Compile Error message?

    Hi Guys. I have just bought a new computer, and have been transferring my files, but trying to use my main Excel Document, and it comes up with: "Compile Error in Hidden Module: Sheet 22" My sheet number 22 is the sheet with all of my data Validation lists on. Can anybody please tell me what...
  12. F

    how to block ComboBox

    HI, I'm using combobox to display set of data. When you choose value from ComboBox (lets say "Audi"), below on the sheet you will get all information about audi in rows: year.... color.... dors... etc I know that somehow the ComboBox can be unfortunatly deleted or moved etc. What else I can...
  13. J

    VBA - Distinguishing when a cell is edited by a data validation list or free fromat text entry

    Hi All, Does anyone know of VBA code which can distinguish whether a cell has been edited by: selecting an option from a data validation list (DVL) or manually editing the text in a cell? The "Show error alert after invalid data is entered" option is unticked to allow both...

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