data validation macro

  1. J

    Macro removes data validation from cell

    Hi, I have an excel sheet to track project status. I've created a Macro that moves the a row from Sheet1 to Sheet2 when 'Complete' is selected from data validation drop down. The problem is, when the row is moved to sheet 2, the now empty row loses all it's data validation. Is there any way...
  2. N

    Multiple Data Validation on one cell

    I'm building out a form where I'd like a cell to either be unusable or have a dropdown list available depending on the input in the row. So the example is if the user in cell A3 selects "Yes" I want cell B3 to be unusable similiar to this function =A3<>"Yes". But if the user in cell A3...
  3. K

    VBA Data Validation for multiple values

    Hi all, Thank you very much for your help in advance! (Thanks a lot for hiker95's help in another thread for building the database, Everyday, my colleagues will input raw data...
  4. G

    Question about data validation and e-mail-addresses

    Hello guys! I have to make a huge list of e-mail-addresses which have to be contacted by different people over a span of a couple of years. Therefore I have designed an excel-document with a sheet-tab for each person. This person will once a year have to contact x e-mail-addresses. I would...
  5. N

    how to include more formulas in Data validation

    i have written a formula for "k"(No. of seats) column in data validation to change the displaying drop-down data list based on value of the "J"(car type) column. i used "if" in data validation to do this. but i cannot write more repetition of "if" inside of the data validation. data validation...
  6. K

    Data Validation when writting a Macro

    I need help.... I have a excel workbook that has different month tabs and quarter tabs. I have a selection criteria sheet, where you can pick one of the 12 months and 1 of 16 Business Units. I did this through Data validation. The on the Month tabs, there are calculations built in based on...
  7. L

    Data validation one cell depending on value other cell

    Hi , hope someone can help me with following Data validation problem: Problem 1: I have data validation in a matrix allowing a user to enter only a N or R. By processing a macro I later change the N's into X's and remove R's. When the file is saved, it is send back to the user for a next...
  8. H

    Data Valdation Doesn't work when question marks (?) are entered

    Hello All, I'm experience an issue with cells in Excel 2010 which I have Data Validation turned on for, the user's are to enter "Yes" or "No" and receive an error message if they don't to try again. I was having a pilot user run through some QA Testing on the document, and they found if they...
  9. A

    How to use drop box selection to change cell color.

    Howdy.. I am sure this has been answered somewhere, but after four hours of surfing I can't seem to get it. So I need to have a drop box selection change the color of the cell, but not change the value of it. The options in the drop box will be text but I need the result to be a change of...
  10. P

    How to create macro to print all data from drop list

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD align=left>I have a Data Validation Box in Cell E7 Worksheet "Report" that references the employees numbers in I3:I80 in another worksheet "Data". I can select the employee numbers from the Data Validation box & it will...
  11. A

    How to make a selected value in a data validation start a different macro everytime a different value is selected

    Let me try to explain what I'm trying to do. I have data that are separted into different years. FY10,FY11,FY12,FY13. Each year of data is a named range (FY10,FY11,FY12,FY13). I have a column that has a data validation that allows you to pick each year. I'm trying to find a way that when you...

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