data validation vba

  1. C

    VBA Code running in same workbook from data validation drop down box

    I have 2 VBA codes that i would like both to run when making a selection from a data validation drop down box. Could you please help me incorporate both so they will work. This code will let me select more than one item in a data validation drop down box. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  2. L

    Data validation one cell depending on value other cell

    Hi , hope someone can help me with following Data validation problem: Problem 1: I have data validation in a matrix allowing a user to enter only a N or R. By processing a macro I later change the N's into X's and remove R's. When the file is saved, it is send back to the user for a next...
  3. A

    VBA select cells for data validation

    Hi, What I am trying to do is a macro to validate some data into List. I have several colonnes (19) and, for example, from cell B15 to last row I want to validate the data with the list List_HMG. I wrote the code for each column but it is not running well because at the end of the macro, all...
  4. A

    Data Validation or Combo Drop Box Worksheet Navigation

    Ciao All ~ Not sure which forum to drop this question into, but here goes ... I'd like the end user to select from 100 different locations. When a selection is made the sheet will "shift" to the appropriate row on the worksheet. Is it possible to use Data Validation to navigate a list of...
  5. M

    NH VBA code to auto refresh the default option in a drop down

    Good Afternoon Excel Guru’s, So my latest issue is this: I would like a data validation list to auto refresh the first option in a drop down using a VBA code. So please allow me to back fill you in on what’s happening prior to the situation above. This program has many end users that extract...
  6. A

    Looking for code that will return whether or not a cell has "data validation" associated with it or not

    OS= windows 7 MS Excel 2010 I have a worksheet with hundreds of cells that may or may not have a "data validation" associated with it. So I wrote code that will scroll through each cell in a range, and reports out some information. However I also need a line of code that will confirm (T/F)...
  7. J

    Data Validation list via Macro

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I am trying to use a macro to populate a data validation list but I keep getting different errors, depending on my syntax. I am sure there is a simple solution, but I can't seem to figure it out. Here is my code: Set Players =...
  8. C

    Populating cells with current time from dropdown menu

    I have a shared workbook that I'm modernizing. Currently, we track inbound jobs through to completion. They have three statuses: Not Started, Working and Completed. I would like to automatically generate timestamps for the two statuses: Working and Completed. I have a Status column "I" with...
  9. S

    Update data across files

    The title might not be completely accurate, so I will try to explain my problem. I have a large number of files containing data on various projects. The files rely on a number of background data in order to ensure data validation and such. The values for these data are placed in a centrally...
  10. Duette

    Delete specific selection in multiple selection Drop Down list in VB

    I've been trying to find a way to use the MID and LEN functions in VB. I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that uses multiple dropdown selections placed in one cell. What I would like to do is every time the user accidentally selects something that has already been put in the cell it returns...
  11. D

    Data Validation User Error Causes Workbook to Unprotect Itself

    This one has got me stumped. Any help would be severely appreciated. I have built an occupancy projection spreadsheet for our employees in the field. They are to project move ins and move outs once a week. After the appropriate week is passed, those projection cells are programmed to lock via a...
  12. Gabriel222

    VBA data validation

    Hello, I'm a little new to VBA, and i ran into a piece of VBA code which would prevent my data validation from being erased (either through a copy/paste or other). I implemented the code (i believe in the right place, although i'm not sure), and upon testing the code's VBA generated...

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