data validation vba

  1. G

    VBA to verify data in multiple columns

    I have this VBA, it checks to ensure the correct info is put into the cell, it uses column "E", based on that input, verifies that the correct information was put into column "H" The issue I'm running into is it either doesn't recognize the column is blank or it doesn't go per row when it is...
  2. C

    VBA Code running in same workbook from data validation drop down box

    I have 2 VBA codes that i would like both to run when making a selection from a data validation drop down box. Could you please help me incorporate both so they will work. This code will let me select more than one item in a data validation drop down box. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  3. L

    Data validation one cell depending on value other cell

    Hi , hope someone can help me with following Data validation problem: Problem 1: I have data validation in a matrix allowing a user to enter only a N or R. By processing a macro I later change the N's into X's and remove R's. When the file is saved, it is send back to the user for a next...
  4. A

    VBA select cells for data validation

    Hi, What I am trying to do is a macro to validate some data into List. I have several colonnes (19) and, for example, from cell B15 to last row I want to validate the data with the list List_HMG. I wrote the code for each column but it is not running well because at the end of the macro, all...
  5. A

    Data Validation or Combo Drop Box Worksheet Navigation

    Ciao All ~ Not sure which forum to drop this question into, but here goes ... I'd like the end user to select from 100 different locations. When a selection is made the sheet will "shift" to the appropriate row on the worksheet. Is it possible to use Data Validation to navigate a list of...
  6. M

    NH VBA code to auto refresh the default option in a drop down

    Good Afternoon Excel Guru’s, So my latest issue is this: I would like a data validation list to auto refresh the first option in a drop down using a VBA code. So please allow me to back fill you in on what’s happening prior to the situation above. This program has many end users that extract...
  7. A

    Looking for code that will return whether or not a cell has "data validation" associated with it or not

    OS= windows 7 MS Excel 2010 I have a worksheet with hundreds of cells that may or may not have a "data validation" associated with it. So I wrote code that will scroll through each cell in a range, and reports out some information. However I also need a line of code that will confirm (T/F)...
  8. J

    Data Validation list via Macro

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I am trying to use a macro to populate a data validation list but I keep getting different errors, depending on my syntax. I am sure there is a simple solution, but I can't seem to figure it out. Here is my code: Set Players =...
  9. C

    Populating cells with current time from dropdown menu

    I have a shared workbook that I'm modernizing. Currently, we track inbound jobs through to completion. They have three statuses: Not Started, Working and Completed. I would like to automatically generate timestamps for the two statuses: Working and Completed. I have a Status column "I" with...
  10. S

    Update data across files

    The title might not be completely accurate, so I will try to explain my problem. I have a large number of files containing data on various projects. The files rely on a number of background data in order to ensure data validation and such. The values for these data are placed in a centrally...
  11. Duette

    Delete specific selection in multiple selection Drop Down list in VB

    I've been trying to find a way to use the MID and LEN functions in VB. I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that uses multiple dropdown selections placed in one cell. What I would like to do is every time the user accidentally selects something that has already been put in the cell it returns...
  12. D

    Data Validation User Error Causes Workbook to Unprotect Itself

    This one has got me stumped. Any help would be severely appreciated. I have built an occupancy projection spreadsheet for our employees in the field. They are to project move ins and move outs once a week. After the appropriate week is passed, those projection cells are programmed to lock via a...
  13. Gabriel222

    VBA data validation

    Hello, I'm a little new to VBA, and i ran into a piece of VBA code which would prevent my data validation from being erased (either through a copy/paste or other). I implemented the code (i believe in the right place, although i'm not sure), and upon testing the code's VBA generated...

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