database update prompt

  1. J

    Code to get Excel to record the value in a cell(updated daily) into a database

    I am new to excel (excel 2011 for Mac OSX) I set up MSN stock tracker so that on "Sheet 2" I have the MSN app and on "sheet 1" the company names in Column 1 and the price in column 2 - The cells in sheet one update every time I refresh MSN data. Looks like this.... ..........A.......B...
  2. I/O_Dork

    SQL Database Connection - Disabling auto update

    How can I configure Excel 2003 to not automatically attempt connecting to a database? I have an excel file from a client of mine that connects to his database, allowing him to update the combo boxes in the template before he sends it over to me. It worked fine in Excel 2000, but since I...

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