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    Access 2013 Macro Tools SetProperty if DataEntry mode is Yes

    I am trying to figure out how I do an if statement with Macro Tools that looks at what DataEntry value is set to and then change the visibility on a combobox depending on what is returned. For instance I have cmboLookup on frmRaters. on my switchboard I have 2 buttons. One to open frmRaters in...
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    Keeping the same record when moving between forms

    Hi all Hopefully this is a fairly simple one. I have a form called DataEntry which has a field called ID which is an autonumber field which produces a reference number. Once the details are added there is are two buttons that can be pressed depending on the user. If command button 1 is...
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    Sum of DataEntry Form

    I'm Using a SubForm with Dataentry=Yes to type and see only the new records. in every row in the sub form I write the Number of the row in that batch using: n=recordset.recordcount+1 (at before update event of the form) now I want 2 things: 1. After Update, To summarize one of the fields (but...

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