1. A

    How to delete part of chart datalabels?

    I had spend half day also cannot solve this problem, anyone know what reason and solve?Thanks. Each press F9 key to refresh formula and make random signal(i.e. "L", "S", "W"), VBA always error '-2147467259(80004005)' on .Points(r).DataLabel.Delete Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Dim sys As...
  2. M

    Math with DataLabel.Caption

    It has been a while since I have been this stumped.. I am trying to compare points values in 2 series so I can adjust the position of data labels so they do not overlap. This works well for all but one of my charts, which after some troubleshooting I learned is because it is evaluating them as...
  3. B

    Custom Chart Data Labels using VBA

    I appreciate any help you all can give me. I have been playing with this for a few hours now. I am trying to create a dynamic control chart that has 5 series (Upper Control Limit (UCL), Lower Control Limit (LCL), Average (X) and Upper Spec Limit (USL) and Lower Spec Limit (LSL). I have...
  4. E

    Change part of a datalabel in chart

    Hi everyone, In my excel application I'm creating a chart with 20 points. Each point has it's own datalabel. I'm trying to partly change the color of the text of the datalabel of a specific point by using VBA. The datalabel contains the text "A10; A11; A12" and I want to change it to "A10...
  5. PetLahev

    Excel 2007 - name of popup menu for DataLabel on a chart

    Hello does anyone know how I can show up popup menu for datalabel on chart in Excel 2007 via VBA. For Eaxample; This command shows up popup menu for PlotArea CommandBars("Plot Area").ShowPopup I just want to add a my own button there Look at the picture

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